Stamp it Out

My co-workers signed me up for a lovely monthly craft box subscription from Darby Smart over the holidays.  They send you fun crafting projects to try, which is a great way to just dive into a craft that you might not try on your own.

The first box was a stamp carving set with special ink to transfer your design onto the provided dish towels.  I was a little nervous when it came to picking what to carve into my stamp.  I jumped between a simple pattern that I could reuse all the time or something really custom that would just be for this project.

Well I finally decided on what I think was a good compromise!

Kitchen Towel Black Printing

You sketch out your pattern onto the stamp, once you are happy with the way it looks, you begin to carve it out.*

*Just remember what ends up on the fabric/paper/whatever will be the reverse of what you see, so if you are writing out a phrase you need it to be the mirror image.


Starting with the smallest head on the linoleum cutter you begin to carve out your design.  Go slowly, the heads are sharp!  I went around the edges of my design several times with the smallest head before i moved outward with the next size.


Soon you’ll have your very own stamp and you’ll be ready to roll….the ink onto the stamp.  You want a good layer of the block printing ink on there, I strongly recommend practicing on some paper first.


I was very happy with how the towels turned out, now I just have to iron them to set the ink.


*Note this is not a sponsored post and I am in no way compensated for my thoughts.  Not that I’m some super blog where people might think this, but thought I would let you know.


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